October 18, 2019

Gen Z is Shaping the FinTech Space

Gen Z is coming of age.  They will continue to redefine how we work, and they will need technology to support multiple income streams and to help them manage cash flow, save and invest.  According to the Logica Future of Money Study, nearly one in three in Gen Z (31%) and Millennials (30%) are using side hustles as their only or primary sources of income.  They cite tech-based work for these side hustles.

This shows the shift in work for the younger generation.

lilah koski describes gen z and their apporach to work and income

FinTech is already responding to this new work style with products like indi – a banking app for independent workers with multiple income streams – and Flybits – offering hyper-personalized products and services for customers and focuses on personalization and unique customer experiences and journeys.

What insights do you need to meet the unique needs of Gen Z?

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