March 23, 2020

Empathy, Questions and the Consumer Mindset:

What might be the new normal in the time of COVID-19?

Like many people right now, we have so many questions in this time of uncertainty. Every day I am waking up and looking at headlines, the virus dashboardsWHOCDC, the markets—and my mind goes from my family, team, clients, business operations, and community, and around again. At Logica, we are very fortunate to be well set-up to work remotely and our operations are not impacted. Our team is safe and healthy. Our hearts go out to all who are ill or impacted personally by COVID-19.

The creativity and resilience we have seen during the adversity and tragedy around COVID-19 is amazing. I can’t express enough thanks to all the people who are on the front lines: health care workers, first responders, cashiers, delivery people and so many more. I am so grateful to our scientists, who are collaborating globally, to speed up tests and vaccines.

We know that you have many questions. While you may be re-looking at your business and research priorities or shifting gears, we want to help you find some answers. To do this, we have put this short survey together. We want to hear about the topics that are on your mind: from how people are currently working, to how they are managing finances, to how research can be conducted in today’s environment. While you shelter in place, or work virtually, or are self-quarantined, take some time to let us know what questions you have.


We will use your feedback to help inform the next round of our Logica Future of Money Study. In addition to questions from your “Ask Logica” responses, we are planning on exploring sentiments surrounding work—as well as around payments and purchasing—in our new reality. Importantly, we will also be asking what respondents’ biggest concern is economically. Insights into these behaviors and attitudes will help us plan for the future in a time of rapid change.

We will share results of this next study back out with you via our newsletter, blog, and social media, so you can use the results as you strategize for what the future might hold. As we know from our frontline scientists right now, asking better questions means better insights to make decisions. In the meantime, while our study is fielding (and after the results are in), I will be holding virtual office hours for you where we can brainstorm ideas and talk research in the time of COVID-19—and will do my best to answer questions with our collected insights.

Please be safe and healthy.


Lilah Raynor, CEO
Logica Research